Inspired by the colours of island living

The beauty of Pitch + Gum’s range of handmade homewares lies in its fascinating imperfections. We saw the need to design a  range of homewares for retail and wholesale, drawing on local artisans and a world of inspiration.

Each piece is rendered by hand and individually dyed, resulting in decorative, functional pieces that come in great colours.

In stunning aqua, dusty blue, dusty pink, marble and white, the Pitch + Gum range adds colour, texture and interest to tables and are spectacular stand-alone decorative display pieces when not in use. The translucent resin swirled with the colour creates a range of products that capture the light and is both elegant and whimsical at the same time. The hand-finished pieces are works of art that are durable, food safe and one of a kind.

Pitch + Gum’s range is inspired by island life, casual entertaining and the attention to detail that Balinese artisans are famous for. Created by hand, made with love and inspired by island  life, the beauty of resin lies in its translucent qualities, providing a perfect base for the natural dyes used in the process.